About Us


Massoni Wines is a progressive Australian wine producer which crafts wines with a genuine sense of belonging. We own and operate vineyards in two distinct regions of Victoria, producing a single estate wines under Massoni and El Nino labels. They are our regional expressions of Mornington Peninsula and Pyrenees Ranges.

Winemaking Philosophy

Over the last 19 years we have focused on making wines that our clients want to enjoy with their family and friends.

Recipe for a Great Wine

The following attributes are what we consider to be the ingredients to making a great wine:

Vineyard Selection

A vineyard’s soil profile and the region’s climate is a major factor that determines the quality of the grapes that will be harvested. Massoni’s vineyards are considered to be cool climate vineyards. This means that grapes mature on the vine for a longer period enhancing both the fruit flavour and the colour extracted.

Grape Selection

Planting the appropriate varieties on a vineyard site is vital. In order to optimise fruit characteristics you need to select the correct “clones” of a variety. Different vine clones of a variety (i.e. Shiraz) will effect growth rates, crop yields and the ability of a vine to withstand climatic variations (i.e. droughts). All of which will influence a wine’s composition.

Viticultural Practices

A healthy vine will produce quality grapes. Poorly managed vines or over cropped vines will not only produce inferior fruit but will cause vine stress. This generally results in the vine shutting down in an attempt to recuperate. Stressed vines are known to produce well below average crop yields for the following two vintages.We prefer to strive for low cropping levels which not only means that the vine is able to sustain a level of crop from year to year but also able to provide better fruit characteristics as the nutrients it produces are infused into fewer grapes, producing grapes with a greater concentration of fruit flavours.