Founded by Leon Massoni in 1984. Leon's passion for traditional Italian cuisine and fine wines was influenced by his family's involvement in establishing such culinary icons as Melbourne's Florentino Restaurant in 1928. As well as Cafe Balzac, Tolarno and Mollinas which was later renamed Massoni. The passion for wine was instilled by the family's association with the Wynns family and Leon's high regard for his uncle, legendary winemaker, Jimmy Watson.

In 1996, Ian Home ( Founder of Yellowglen) became a partner in the business and introduced a Massoni Pinot Noir and Lectus ( sparkling wine) to the product range. In addition, he also visualised the need to expand the company's source of ultra premium grapes beyond the Mornington Peninsula.

In 1997 Ian and Wal Henning (founder of Taltarni and Warrenmang) engaged the assistance of the Standford Group to develop Glenkara Estate, a 300 hectare vineyard in the Pyrenees region, which provides Massoni with the majority of its shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and merlot requirements.

Massoni is now under the ownership of The Ursini families spearheaded by Fred Ursini. With the winery drawing its fruit from the enormous Glenkara vineyard in the Pyrenees and Mt Eliza Estate on the Mornington Peninsula. Resulting in a very diverse range of wines at various price points.

In 1998 the mid-price El Nino range was introduced. Currently, the majority of our production is sold to restaurants, independent bottle shops and fine wine outlets. The company has expanded its production base from circa 20 tonnes in the 1980's to over 500 tonnes today.